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Compiling Your Medical History: Getting Started

A quick note: Everything written here is from my own personal experience, I am not a medical professional, and  nothing in this blog should be construed as medical advice. Please contact your doctor or another medical professional for any advice and information on your own health.  Also, laws regarding medical records and patient privacy differ from country to country. Please consult your local laws to find out how they apply to you and your medical records.    Time to get to list-making! Managing life with chronic illness is hard. There’s an understatement. As anyone who lives with chronic illness knows, it’s often a balancing act of dealing with doctors and their offices, managing the symptoms that you can, making sure you’re doing the things you should do to maintain whatever your normal looks like (whether that’s nutrition, gentle movement and stretching, or knowing when to throw the towel in for the day, and rest through the flare), and keeping records of your medical history, ho

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